18 March / 2022

Natural Capital and Sustainable Markets:
Natural Climate Solutions Potential to Achieve Net-Zero Goal
in Kazakhstan

About the event
In March 2021 BCSD Kazakhstan, jointly with the Partners, launched Natural Capital and Sustainable Markets initiative. Our first thematic discussion has been conducted as a side event of the We Value Nature 10-day challenge of
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The event has attracted considerable attention of the expert community at local and international level.

The second thematic discussion on Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) Potential to Achieve Net-Zero Goal in Kazakhstan aims to identify additional opportunities to meet carbon requirements through NCS projects and to create balance in carbon trading strategies for businesses in Kazakhstan.

Joining our session, the WBCSD will shine light on solutions and challenges to drawing more investment in natural climate solutions (NCS) by mobilising support from the public and private companies.

We invite experts and other interested parties to share their thoughts and knowledge on innovative stakeholders engagement approaches to meet Net-Zero commitments and preserve critical ecosystems in Kazakhstan.

Contact us: kbcsd@kap.kz
Our Partners
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We are discussing a new format of cooperation between the government, business and society for effective solutions for corporate governance and preservation of ecosystems in Kazakhstan
The session will provide a platform for various parties on the natural capital and sustainable markets issues that are relevant to their area of expertise:

Business experts. Critical changes in the situation in corporate governance in 2020 (rethinking the concept of capitalism, climate change, etc.) and why use of natural and social capital, are especially pronounced in the mining industry?

Experts for Sustainable Development. The basin of Lake Balkhash is an integral ecosystem and for its well-being it is not important how we divided the management of the territories and what goals are set by individual stakeholders. Therefore, new missing mechanisms are needed to take into account the interests of the parties and increase natural capital productivity.

Extractive Business Companies Embedding sustainable mining practices in the core of business – what does it mean today? Success stories: sustainable business models, initiatives, projects' implementations and reporting.

Majlis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In general, there is a consensus among experts, international and government organizations that water ecosystem degradation are the result of poor management systems and ineffective interaction between stakeholders. There are many examples of successful cooperation in different countries on water basins restoration, on restoring water quality, fish populations and biodiversity.

After the panel presentations of the parties, the Moderator will invite the participants to express their opinion on the main issues:

- what forms of interaction between business and stakeholders will contribute to the conservation and efficient use of natural capital in Kazakhstan and

- how corporate governance should be transformed to meet environmental sustainability challenges?

Our Experts
Recognized business experts, state, civil society and industry representatives
are invited to the discussions in 2021-2022

Gulsara Yedilbayeva - moderator
Board of Directors Chair
BCSD Kazakhstan
Giulia Carbone
Director, NCS Alliance
Aizhan Skakova
Member of the Committee on Ecology and Nature Resources Use,
Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
Member of the Expert Council under the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan on environmental safety
Bulat Yessekin
Expert on Sutainable Development of Central Asia
Global Water Partnetship CAC
Victor Kovalenko
EY Central Asia Climate Change and Sustainability Services Director,
an expert in corporate public reporting advisory and assurance (annual, integrated, sustainability reports)
Olga Romanova
Invited expert on Agroforestry,
the Kazakh-German University
Marina Olshanskaya
International expert on Economics and decarbonization, financing programmes for GHG emission reduction in energy, transport and agriculture sectors in 35 countries of Central Europe, the CIS, Southeast Asia and Africa. Partner of AvantGarde Group, Geneva
Alexander Belyy
Expert on institutional and financial mechanisms for low-carbon economy, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and GHG reduction; an associate professor; and AvantGarde Group in Kazakhstan Reginal Director
Michael Ahern
Public Sector Leader
PwC Eurasia
Michael Ahern
PwC Eurasia
Akbota Askanbay
Director, Corporate Governance Practice
PwC Kazakhstan
Rabab (Ruby) Shamayleh
Water and Environment team leader, USAID/Central Asia's Economic Development Office, expert on water resources management, climate change and vulnerability assessments projects
Nurlan Ongarbaev
Executive Manager
Biodivercity Research&Conservation Centre
Ruslan Mukangaliyev
Environment Controller
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating
Damesh Bektaliyeva
Environmental and Energy Performance Manager
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating
Galina Artyukhina
Expert, Executive Manager
BCSD Kazakhstan
18 March/ Friday
15:00 - 17:00
Natural Climate Solution (NCS) Initiative

  • NCS potential for Net-Zero
  • Natural Climate Solutions Project: the goal, scope, business case and parties involved
  • Glance on recent NCS Alliance developments
  • What are the challenges and solutions for companies investing in NCS through the voluntary carbon market
Why this topic is important for Kazakhstan?
  • Net-Zero legal Doctrine of the Republic of Kazakhstan and nature issues
  • In what extent enhancing nature ensures sustained human well-being in Kazakhstan?
  • Climate change and SGSs to meet voluntary commitments of the Republic of Kazakhstan – issues addressing nature and ecosystems
  • Development of the green bond market and offset projects in the Emissions Trading System (ETS) in Kazakhstan
The conditions to enable Natural Climate Solutions in Kazakhstan
  • Turning commitments into regulations and NCS carbon market principles
  • Business readiness and implementation of ESG principles for ecosystem conservation projects and natural climate solutions
  • Implementation of NCS pilot projects and their inclusion in the trading system
  • Using the Ecosystem Adaptation Principle in Natural Resource Management
  • Knowledge sharing and intensive stakeholder engagement
Next steps
Areas of work on localization of solutions, introduction of new forms of interaction between stakeholders and public involvement, in order to improve the quality of life, preserve critical ecosystems and achieve carbon neutrality in Kazakhstan
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