Certified Management Consultant
The Certified Management Consultant designation (CMC®) is the preeminent professional designation for management consulting with a variety of sub-specialty areas. It is similar in scope and reliability to Chartered Professional Accountants, Professional Engineers, etc.
It is awarded by national member institutes of ICMCI and recognised in over 49 countries around the world.
What the CMC® Designation Conveys for Clients:
An individual Certified Management Consultant must learn and show competency across a broad professional body of knowledge, which includes:

6 Functional areas of organizational management: Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Finance, Operations, Information Technology, and Marketing Ethical practices Management Consulting processes Leading Transformation and Change Client Communications and Project Management Interpersonal skills
In addition, each CMC® must show commitment to, experience in, and compliance with ICMCI's Code of Conduct. This code of conduct includes legal, social, ecological aspects and professional conduct. It shows the responsibility of a Management Consultant to serve the interests of:

Clients Society Their OrganisationColleaguesThe Profession
    Post-nominal initials
    Consultants who have been awarded the CMC® can put these initials after their name
    Kazakhstan Chamber of Management Consultants (CMC Kazakhstan) is a ICMCI accredided center for personel certification since 2012
      Certification Process
      To become a CMC® follow these steps:
      • To be an Independant Consultant
        • Be a CMC Kazakhstan member in good standing and pay annual fee,
        • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience, provide CV
        • Approval the Code of Ethics of CMC Kazakhstan .
      • Attend CMC Training
        • Module 1. Management Consulting Common Body of Knowledge (written exam)
        • Module 2: Professionalism and Ethics (written exam)
        • Module 3: The Consultancy Services Standard: ISO 20700
        • Module 4: Preparation for CMC Certification
      • Apply for CMC Certification
        An individual must complete and send to CMC Kazakhstan the following documents:
        • CMC application form, including submission of engagement summaries,
        • A detailed CV and
        • Confirmation of payment
      Hearing Review from Assessors
      If the candidate has submitted all the necessary documentation, and went through the preparation seminar, he/she can apply for the Final review (Hearing). CMC candidates are presenting their Case Studies in front of the commission and audience. When presentation of all candidates has been finished, commission withdraws and decides whether the candidate has passed or failed
          • CMC Kazakhstan Certification Procedures
          • CMC Application Form - download
          • CMC Pre-Selection Criteria
          The CMC Manual Orientation sessions and presentation can be viewed or downloaded at the specified links, along with the Graphics that can support your preparation.
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